June 15, 2018


We are a groundbreaking YouTube video SEO company.

EmbedUp has been designed to help people share and engage. The main goal of this site is to serve as an SEO assistant for your YouTube video. Our users create, collect, publish and share the highest quality news, ideas, opinions, and information, then turn them into helpful videos. Every day lots of videos are published in various categories on EmbedUp.


Social media syndication & online distribution

When a user shares their video in our system, it goes not just to this site, but to over a very large number of popular high PR sites, where a great number of individuals will view and share your video. EmbedUp is not your ordinary siteā€”it works like a group of sites. So anybody can convey their video through EmbedUp to the world.


So what exactly is EmbedUp about?

EmbedUp is a Search Engine Optimization manager tool & most powerful online syndication service to ever exist.